How to Get Rid of Water Weight the Easy Way

Summer is coming up, and you know what that means – it is swimsuit time. You’ll need to dust off your swimming trunks or bikini and try to find a way to wiggle into the tight suit with the hope that it will look as fabulous on you as it did last year. Chances are though, if you like most average adults, you’ll find that your weight has increased anywhere from 0.5 to 5 whole pounds. It’s a scary fact of life, we know. Well, thankfully there is a solution to slimming down and it one that does not fall into the dreaded category of relentless exercise and starvation. It simply involves getting rid of some water weight, which will help you look slimmer and less bloated. Below you’ll find the main suggestions on how to get rid of water weight.



What may first come to mind when you read diuretics are those tiny little pills that cause you to urinate constantly, dehydrate you, and even cause liver and kidney damage. No, that is not the solution. The alternative and non-medical diuretic solution is to eat foods that are high in water content such as fruits and vegetables. For example, radish, tomato, eggplant, red pepper, spinach, green cabbage, watermelon, and lettuce each contain a water weight of anywhere between 90%-97%. Eating these fruits and vegetables not only nurtures your body by giving you tons of healthy nutrients, but it also hydrates you and subsequently causes you to urinate more frequently, thus helping you lose water weight. Through this method, you’ll feel lighter, healthier, more refreshed, and less bloated.


Lemon Juice

lemon-296399_150 Another natural and invigorating method to losing water weight is to add a squeeze of fresh  lemon juice to  your morning tea, water, or smoothies. According to Livestrong, lemon juice is  a natural diuretic. When you constantly add lemon juice to your drinks for a period of time, it  will not only help you reduce the water content in your body, but it will also begin to  enhance the quality if your urinary tract, correcting  any imbalances and prevented dreaded  infections. Furthermore, using lemon juice as a diuretic also washes away the bad toxins in your  body and removes harmful bacteria. When using lemon juice as a diuretic though, it is  recommended that you do not use it in large quantities. Just a squirt here and there will do the t  trick, as too much can eventually become harmful.



It’s great that it is summer time, otherwise this option wouldn’t be available. Pineapple is also a natural diuretic, and it is also known to be a “digestive fruit.” When you eat pineapple with a meal, the properties of the fruit help you digest your food better. This will make you feel less full and look much slimmer. In addition, pineapple also has a good amount of natural potassium. When you digest it, the potassium neutralizes the sodium and caffeic acid in your body. When this occurs, your body’s ability to retain water reduces, helping you lose water weight and slim down in time for summer’s swim suit season. Another benefit of pineapple, apart from its diuretic and digestive properties, is that it contains dozens of beneficial nutrients to keep you and your body healthy. It doesn’t get better than that.





One of the easiest methods among this list of methods on how to get rid of water weight, is to drink plenty of  water. Usually, the water that you retain in your body doesn’t come from water that you drink, but from foods  and sugary or caffeinated drinks that you put into your body. These items can contain a great deal of sodium  which contributes to water retention. Actually swapping them for water will help your bode cleanse from the      toxins and also allow your body to remove the excess water by causing you to urinate more frequently. If you  do not like to use just plain water, you can add lemon or fruit flavor to enhance the taste.




If you like ginger, then this section is dedicated especially to you. Ginger acts as a diuretic by effectively removing the water from your body. Therefore, your system is cleansed and your body is less able to retain water. When using ginger as a diuretic, you do not need to eat it raw. You can use dried or fresh ginger to spice your food, add it to dishes, or even drink ginger tea. These are all effective ways to removing water from your body and feeling slimmer. In addition to helping with water retention, ginger also makes you feel more energized, as it boosts your circulation. You’ll also feel less inflamed due to the anti-inflammatory effects.




Another convenient way on how to get rid of water weight is to use natural supplements as  diuretics. These natural supplements are usually made of one or a few ingredients that work together  to cause your body to urinate. The frequent urination will prevent your body from retaining water  and help you look slimmer. These supplements come in the form of small capsules, and are usually  taken once a day. A few of the most common natural diuretic supplements contain herbs such as  nettle, juniper, fennel, dandelion, and linden. The only disadvantage of using this option solely is  that you are missing out on all the nutrients that the other recommendations on this list provider.  When you choose to eat fruits and vegetables, you are also providing your body with vitamins that  are great for your health and bodily functions.


The Best Option

Overall, loosing water weight is not a difficult task. This list on how to get rid of water weight provides you with simple solutions that you can effortlessly incorporate into your daily diet without feeling burdened or troubled by a new routine. In addition the best option on this list is fruits and vegetables. Using this option provides you with a way to also get the nutrients and health benefits that your body needs wit. When you try these methods, you will not only feel lighter and better, but you will also feel much healthier than usual, which is perfect because it is exactly the way it should be for this upcoming summer season.